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It's time to put ceiling fans up and lower your power bills. Never secure a fan to a plastic junction box - it may work for awhile but eventually the vibration knocks the screws loose. Another bad idea is to use the support brace that was holding up your ten pound light fixture. Be sure to secure the fan to a ceiling joist or a support brace designed to safely support 50 pounds of vibrating fan. I sleep better at night because the fans we install will not fall.


January is the time to keep the cold out*:

  • Check your attic insulation. It should be R30.
  • Replacing single pane windows with double pane insulated windows will pay for themselves with energy savings.
  • Check weather strip on door bottoms and sides. If you can slide a piece of paper under your door, you need to replace or adjust your weather stripping. If you can see daylight on a sunny day from the inside with the door closed, then you need to replace the weather stripping.

Or...Just have us replacer the whole door. Get energy efficiency and a whole new, uplifting look!

*We provide all of these services and more to help keep you warm.

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