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Commercial: Retail and Offices

Mini Jobs performs regular repairs for many chain stores and offices in the metro Atlanta area. Jobs that take 1-3 hours are the most common, involving anything from repairs to cabinets and walls to lighting installation.

Special renovation projects range from new walls and cabinets to full tenant build-outs.

Our customers appreciate our speed and quality workmanship. Most of all, they love how we flex around their business needs. All work is guaranteed. We are licensed, bonded and insured to give you peace of mind. Contact us for your next repair or renovation need – get a great looking space without interfering with your business.

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Warehouse Ceiling Repair

Property Managers

Condominium property managers and managers of homeowners associations appreciate having one source to cover repairs, whether large or small. We also help plan and renovate common spaces, often giving an updated appearance that helps with home sales. We are the no-headache solutions for managers who have a million other things on their minds.

Managers appreciate our responsiveness and flexibility, and the fact that our work is guaranteed. They also like how well we work with their homeowners. We are licensed, bonded and insured, so there's never a worry about having our workers around. Contact Mini Jobs to take care of your headaches.

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Condominium porch remodel

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When it comes time to sell a home, appearance is everything. We help Realtors work with their customers to make small repairs, do simple but eye-catching updates to kitchens or bathrooms, and improve curb appeal. For 27 years, we have made a specialty of working with Realtors to help them sell houses and impress their customers. Many of them like us so much that we work on their homes, too!

When it comes to getting a house on the market, we respond with speed, and a high quality of work. We are licensed, bonded and insured so that Realtors can recommend us with confidence. Contact us to help you sell more homes more quickly.

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Kitchen update – countertops

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To get the most out of their investment, landlords and investors use Mini Jobs as their one-stop repair and renovation source. They know that with one phone call they will get stress-free results: an honest estimate, good work, and no complaints from their tenants. For move-outs, repairs and quick updates are done to make for fast turnovers. We also have a special package to prevent nasty surprises. We are licensed, bonded and insured to give you peace of mind. Contact Mini Jobs for your next repair need!

Could this be your rental when you're not looking?
This picture was taken just 7 months after the tenant moved in!
Atlanta Handyman

Landlord Package

Let us help you with the small and large fix-it projects on your investment property. We have 20 years of experience helping residential investors maintain their properties to decrease turnover time and improve rental rates. Whether you need repairs or renovations, Mini Jobs can make your investment more profitable. All work is guaranteed. We are licensed, bonded and insured to give you peace of mind.

Want the inside scoop on your rented property? Worried about how well tenants are taking care of your valuable asset? Try our Investor Maintenance Program.

Investment property owners worry that tenants aren't keeping a good eye on maintenance needs, or worse yet, are damaging the property. After cleaning up the mess left by a departing tenant, we worked out a plan with one of our longtime clients to monitor and maintain his properties. It worked so well, we tried it again. And again! Now, we're offering it as a new service. Also, we'll tighten hinges if necessary, look for wood rot outside and complete all other items on our maintenance checklist.

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Quarterly Rental Maintenance Check-ups

You avoid emergency repair costs and have better information to make budgeting decisions. Keeping up with ongoing repairs couldn't be easier. Simply tell your tenants that you are providing them an extra service. Mini Jobs will come by to take care of any issues. We check the entire maintenance list and report any problems to you… and the condition of the residence.

For an annual fee of $350.00, one of our trained handymen will

  • Visit your property quarterly for a maximum of one (1) hour of time.
  • Discreetly observe the condition of the walls, floors, ceilings, doors and the general state of your property and report these to you.
  • Report on any impending major repairs.
  • Provide materials which total less than $25.00 per visit.
  • Fix small problems to prevent big costs, including checking the kitchen and bathroom faucets and handles for leaks; check light switches and light bulbs in the ceiling (not lamps); check ceiling fans and vent fans in kitchen and bathroom; check windows and doors operations;
  • Tighten hinges if necessary; look for wood rot on outside and all other items on our maintenance checklist.

For an annual fee of $1000.00, Mini Jobs will perform all the jobs above on a monthly basis (quantity discount.)

Try us. You'll like us.


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Graffiti Removal
Atlanta Handyman


HOA boards and managers need reliable help for maintenance, repairs and renovations that their residents can trust. We work closely with a number of local associations and property managers to deal with everything from squirrel damage to stair repair.

All work is guaranteed. We are licensed, bonded and insured to give you peace of mind.

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OOPS! Damage Repair

Delivery Truck - Oops!
Atlanta Handyman

Trucking Companies, Tree Removers, Moving Companies, Delivery Companies and Landscapers

Have you ever had an oops? Moving furniture and appliances in and out of houses sometimes results in a hole in the wall, a handrail demolished, a ding to the flooring. We can repair it all – and we'll make it easy for your customer. You can assure them that we have decades of experience in the Atlanta area, and are licensed, bonded and insured. Call us today to help you recover with ease from a potential customer service problem.

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